ORGANIZED SOUNDZ MUSIC GROUP LLC (OSMG)
Charles Mead, known professionally as CG. Beats / Chuck Genius,
is an American music producer and the CEO, of his record label
Organized Soundz Music Group LLC (OSMG) is based out of Waukesha, WI.
He was born and raised in Chicago, IL on the south side of the city.
He first attracted attention for discussing his career as a DJ on social media. 

With his "no filter, grind hard attitude" passion for music, he quickly gained 
popularity with his Instagram posts.

From 2006 to 2020, he has built his brand as a in-house producer, engineer,
and a song writer. In 2017, he signed his first publishing deal with Rochad Holiday
of Urban Twist Music . In 2013, he opened up for Juicy J 's Stay Trippy Tour at the Milwaukee
Eagles Club: The Rave. In 2018, Chuck Genius / CG. Beats gained a high producers badge with song submit for producing the beats/instrumentals.
 In 2015, CG Beats formed his own record label Frontline Entertainment with a spinoff
of C.T.M.B which stands for "Chuck Taking Money and Bread". A few years later he dismantled the label. He created his new and current record label Organized Soundz Music Group LLC. (OSMG) in 2020.

Chuck Genius was born Charles Mead on September 13 1977 on the south side of Chicago IL.
and raised in the Robert Taylor homes projects. He spent much of his times with his mother
and stepdad in which he credits his stepdad and mother for his success by trying to care for them both.
As a youth, Chuck Genius was a member of a street gang organization. He attended Du Sable High School
and was a member of the high school's band and football team.

While growing up in poverty, he worked at the fast food chain Burger King in downtown Chicago and sold drugs to make ends meet. He was fired from his job and was told by a supervisor that he should work somewhere doing music. Chuck Genius mentioned that beat making and producing saved him from a lot of things that could have led to going to prison or death. In 2007, he attended Madison Media Institute for Audio Enineering,
Music Concept, and Sound Production. He dropped out to start his own label.

In 2020, Chuck Genius started to gain publicity on YouTube after publishing a song.
In 2013, he gained a music promoters attention and was offered to open up for the artist Juicy J.
After braning his label OSMG, he signed artist and friend Yung Pj to his label and shortly signed a young duo group Z&V alone with Areanna Robin.
Organized Soundz Music Group LLC genre of music consist of hip hop / rap, r&b, pop, and pop rap.
Chuck mentioned that he wants to push his label like No Limits Records did.
His inspiration for his label came from a label group called Organized Noize with members Ray Murray, Rico Wade, and Sleepy Brown.

Since the debut of OSMG, Yung Pj has released numerous songs and is now currently working on his debut album. The artisit of the group Z&V just completed two songs called Make a Change and Best Friend. All productions is done by Chuck Genius/CG Beats.

Chuck Genius is in the process of getting Organized Soundz Music Group LLC label signed under a major record label where he can hire his own a&r team, scouts, etc. When asked about who his music and artists sound like he said "like themselves and they don't duplicate. They just stay in their own lane and try to put city of Waukesha on the map". He also said "what doesn't break them only makes them and that's the motto

We Always Productive It's A Organized Anthem OSMG For Life."